The Movie " Safe"
In 2015, Valery Siver (Kharkov) is a producer and Director of the short (30 min) film "safe" of the Studio "Passenger". The film's script was written by Andrey Annensky (Andrey Annensky-co-owner of the Passenger Studio, screenwriter and Director, graduate of VGIK, and is also the grandson of the famous Soviet Director Isidor Annensky (films "the Bear", "Princess Mary", etc.). the Music for the film was written by Valery Siver, and performed, including in his own variations and improvisations of music by Valery Siver, virtuoso pianist Sergei Savelyev. The music was recorded at Mosfilm studios. The film was directed by Kirill Shuvalov, and the cinematographer was Karen Manasarayan. Valery Kharkiv (Siver) invited the famous Lithuanian theater Director and actor dajnus Kazlauskas (Dajnus Kazlauskas) and the Russian actress Eugenia Solyanih (Eugenia Solyanih) to the main and only roles.
The film" safe "("a SAFE") in may 2016 was a participant in the short film program of the Cannes film festival. The film "safe" became a participant in film festivals in Europe and the United States. Summer Trailer for the movie "safe" (dir. Valery Kharkiv (Siver)) won an online trailer competition in Paris.

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