Two thousand seventeen
In 2017 Valery Kharkov (Seaver), jointly with A. A. Mindadze and Lisa Antonova work in the Studio "Passenger" in preparation for shooting a new film AA Mindadze "Parquet" as well this year Valery Siver is a co-EP upcoming film "Parquet"
Valery Siver co-producer of the music label "FLAVA" (hip-hop)
Two thousand sixteen
In 2016, Valery Siver (Kharkov) became a producer and Director of the short (30 min) film "safe" of the Studio "Passenger". Valery Siver (Kharkiv) co-owner of the Studio "Passenger" together with AA Mindadze and Lisa Antonova.
2012 - 2016
2012-2016 Valery Siver (Kharkiv) co-producer of the film "Dear Hans, dear Peter"by A. A. Mindadze. The film "Dear Hans, dear Peter" won the "Niku" award in 2016 as the best feature film.
October 2012
On October 26, 2012, the Moscow international house of music hosted a concert "Solo for guitar and orchestra "as part of the presentation of the"Surprise" project. The basis of this concert was the music of Valery Siver: both new compositions specially written for the project, and melodies from previously released albums – "the Settler", "Love without borders", "Music of Russian pages" and "MIDWAY". All arrangements are made by Dmitry Chetvergov.
This program is positioned by its creators as a new phenomenon on the Russian music scene, the authors and participants of the project acted not only as performing musicians, but also as theater actors (detailed information about the project:!home/mainPage).
The concert was attended by guitarist Dmitry Chetvergov, Symphony orchestra conducted by Felix Aranovsky, honored artist of Russia, actor Valery Yaremenko, honored artist of Ukraine, singer and composer Igor Demarin. Directed a theatrical version of the program – Igor Orsulak.
In addition to the presentation of new works by Valery Siver, works by I. Albenis, E. Artemyev, D. Chetvergov, and I. Demarin were performed.
The concert "Solo for guitar and orchestra" was held in support of the project "Surprise" -the release of the CD-album of the same name is planned for the end of 2012.
October 2012
October 06, 2012 in the Moscow restaurant "Zhukovka" ( ) there was a press conference dedicated to the concert of Dmitry Chetvergov and Valery Siver " Solo for guitar and orchestra "in the framework of the project" surprise", which will be held at the Moscow international house of music on October 26, 2012, as well as the presentation of the video for the song"Parting".
The key theme of the press conference is the presentation of a unique concert program for guitar and Symphony orchestra (detailed information about the project :!home/mainPage).
To support the project and congratulate Valery came: orchestra conductor and honored artist of Russia Felix aranovsky, talented choreographer and Director Igor Orshulyak, singer Sergei Krylov, poet Vladimir Vishnevsky, Sergei Vasiliev (group "Earthlings"), Opera diva Irina velichka, people's artist of the Russian Federation Eugene Gerchakov, singer Dmitry Bikbaev, famous journalist Sergei Neigbekov, close friends of Valery Siver.
Film about the creation of the "Surprise" project:
August 2012
The first rehearsal of Dmitry Chetvergov's concert performance with the small Symphony orchestra conducted by Felix Aranovsky took place. Maestro aranovsky was impressed by the tightness and professionalism of the orchestra's musicians from the very beginning of the rehearsal. The rehearsal was also attended by music author Valery Siver and Executive producer of the upcoming concert Valentina Kostikova.
Preparations are underway for the concert and for shooting the video.
July 2012
The video for the song "Parting" by Valery Siver was shot. The video was directed by the famous St. Petersburg sound engineer, composer and arranger Vlad Zhukov. The video is shot in the style of a real Western: a love drama, Mexican showdowns, explosions and shootings-all this against the background of a love triangle, where the main characters of the story (Valery Siver, Dmitry Chetvergov) fight for their love. The video will be premiered on October 06, 2012 during a press conference dedicated to the upcoming concert "Solo for guitar and orchestra".

2012 April-2012 June

2012. June.
As guests of the future concert of Valery Siver and Dmitry Chetvergov "Solo for guitar and orchestra" invited and gave their consent:
Eduard Nikolaevich Artemyev,
Dmitry Malikov,
Igor Demarin,
Valery Yaremenko.
The concert will also feature works by Dmitry Chetvergov and Isaac Albenis, as well as poems by Valery Yaremenko performed by the author.
In almost all the works, including those by Eduard Artemyev and Isaac Albenis, the solo will be performed on guitar by Dmitry Chetvergov.
All works at the concert will be presented in a theatrical performance by the concert participants, including Valery Siver.
We invite all fans of instrumental music to the concert on October 26, 2012, which will be held in the Theater hall of the Moscow international house of music (MMDM).
You will experience pleasure and catharsis from the beautiful, interesting and powerful music of modern Russian authors.
2012. June.
Preliminary work on the orchestration of eight tracks of the upcoming album by Valery Siver and Dmitry Chetvergov has been completed. The scores were written by Orchestrator Sergei Semushin based on arrangements by Dmitry Chetvergov.
The arrangements are based on 6 musical themes of Valery Siver, 5 of which have already been heard in previously released albums, and one new one, written by Valery Siver in the first days of June 2012 and which he called "Empathy".
2012. February
The famous Maestro Felix aranovsky is also invited to conduct the orchestra for a future concert in support of the joint album of Valery Siver and Dmitry Chetvergov And record music. Sergey semushin was invited to orchestrate the arrangements. Valentina Kostikova became the Executive producer of the concert.
2012. April.
Valery Siver signed a contract with the film Studio" Passenger " to create music for the future film of the famous Russian screenwriter and film Director Alexander Mindadze. The film is scheduled for release in late 2013.

September of 2005

Valery Siver and Kiril Trepakov started working on their mutual album.

News 2010-2012

2012. January.
In support of Valery Siver and Dmitry Chetvergov's upcoming album "surprise", a concert is scheduled for October 26, 2012.
Valery Siver will be the General producer of the concert, Dmitry Chetvergov will be the producer and artistic Director, and Valentina Kostikova will be the Executive producer.
The concert will feature 8 tracks from the upcoming joint album and music by invited guests, including their performances.
As guests, it is planned to invite the master of Russian instrumental music Eduard Artemyev, the author of the most beautiful melodies and no less beautiful and interesting orchestral versions of them Dmitry Malikov, the author of the rock Opera "Perfumer" Igor Demarin, honored artist of Russia Valery Yaremenko.
We invite all fans of instrumental guitar music to the concert on October 26, 2012, which will be held in the Theater hall of the Moscow international house of music (MMDM).
You will experience pleasure and catharsis from the beautiful, interesting and powerful music of modern Russian authors.
2011. Autumn
The beginning of Work on the tracks of the future joint album with Dmitry Chetvergov.
Two thousand ten
Valery Siver and Kirill Trepakov have released a new album "Music of Russian pages". The album was released under the label "Electroshock records". The producer of the album, Valery Siver and Artem E. Artemyev.
The album's music is played on radio stations around the world.
Two thousand eleven
Valery Siver suggested that Dmitry Chetvergov release a joint album.
The idea of the album is instrumental music in the Solo style for electric guitar and orchestra. The idea of the album has no analogues in Russian music. Analogs of the world - it can be albums by guitarists Sean Neal, Jeff Beck, trumpeter Chris Botti.
The album's tracks are based on Valery Siver's musical themes from previously released albums.
The album will consist of 12 tracks, 8 of them as a solo for guitar and orchestra, and 4 tracks accompanied by musicians of the rock band Dmitry Chetvergov.
It is planned that the arrangements will be written by Dmitry Chetvergov, and the score for the small Symphony orchestra by a guest Orchestrator. A well-known Maestro will be invited as conductor.
The release of the album by Valery Siver and Dmitry Chetvergov is scheduled for the end of 2012. The preliminary title of the album is "Surprise".
The album's producer is Valery Siver.

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