April, 11 2002, PRESENTATION

April, 11 2002 has passed presentation of the new joint project of Valery Siver and Cyril Trepakov "MIDWAY" in club ME100. On presentation there was Artemy Artemiev, group PPK, the Ozone Cocktail, Moscow Groove Institute, B.O.R. (Brothers On Reason), Vladimir Buzin and other not less known musicians.

Major events of 2001

  • Issuance of the remix album "Love without boundaries" dedicated to compositions from the "Migrant" album;
  • Remix of PPK of the "Love without boundaries" could be heard on foreign and Russian radiostations;
  • Remix pf PPK of the "Love without boundaries" tops Ibiza's discotheques;
  • Remix pf PPK of the "Love without boundaries" has entered "Full Contact-2" collection of the "Grand-Records" company;
  • Articles in Russian and Latvian press about Valery Siver's albums;
  • Compositions from the "Migrant" album could be heard on Russian and Latvian radios as well as on dancing floors of Latvia;
  • Valery Siver's personal website establishment;
  • Remix of Miguel on the "Love without boundaries" is included into the musical ad album of Coca-Cola;
  • Mus-TV broadcasts the clip on the remix of Miguel on the "Love without boundaries";
  • Collaboration of Valery Siver with Kiril Trepakov in the new project ("Expedition Zero") - instrumental electro-samplified guitar sounding;
  • Establishment of the "UnTitled" electro group, including Valery Siver and Kiril Trepakov, completion of first 12 compositions. The style reminds Ambient.

December 2001

Finally finished working on two video clips for the same remix "Love unlimited" by V.Silver and Miguel. First version had taken place on the theatre stage. The atmosphere of the theatre has inspired the director to connect ballet dance with break-beats. Director of the second version is Maxim Masalcev well known with his "Christmas", "City" and "Vereteno" clips performed by Alisa group, "Macho man" by Michael Shifutinskiy and other works. The shootings continued for a week and the most exiting moments were placed at subway station "Vyhino". There was a full wagon of kissing people shocking the passengers at rush time hour. Well, now it is up to you to decide which clip is better.

December 2001

The work has been finished under new musical project of Valeriy Siver with arranger - Kirill Trepakov. In the basis of the project are melodies, music themes and Valeriy Siver's acoustic guitar phrases. In the nearest future you can get detailed information on the the "Projects" page and demo-versions of some compositions.

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