October 2003

Valery Siver and Artemiy Artemiev have started to write down a joint musical album.

September 2003

Jugorsk, Hanty-Mansijsky Region, Russia. "Electroshock Rekords" (A.Artemiev, N.Shumejko, V.Siver) have taken part in TV-show "Trajectory" of TV-Broadcasting Company "North". The TV-show, in particular, has been devoted to development of modern directions of musical creativity both in Russia, and in world, and also a role of company "Electroshock Rekords" in popularization of such genres of music, as electroacoustic, experimental, vanguard.

April 2003

Festival "Jauna Muzika/E-Muzika"("Tolerance Centre", Vilnius, Lithuania). Musical video-installation performance "Electroshock Presents". Music & video of "Electroshock Records" fellow-label composers: Edward Artemiev, Stanislav Kreitchi, Artemiy Artemiev, Anatoly Pereslegin, Valery Siver & Kiryll Trepakov (album "MIDWAY"), "Tanquam" (Jaroslavl), Roman Stolyar (Novosibirsk), Alexander Karpukhin.

May 2003

Sankt-Petersburg. Hiro Yamagata's Laser Show. Place of performance central area of neva river. Produced by Bob van Ronkel. Music for Show is executed by company "Electroshock Rekords". Music by Edward Artemiev and Artemiy Artemiev. The sponsor Show was the MDM-BANK. The sound equipment was firms of Sankt-Petersburg. Artemiy Artemiev, Nikolay Shumejko and Valery Siver represented the company " "Electroshock Rekords".

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