Valery Siver


Year 2000 - released his first album "Resettlementer".
Year 2001 - release of his second album "Love Unlimited"
Year 2003 - together with Kyril Trepakovthe album "MIDWAY" . It is issued under "ELECTROSHOCK RECORDS".
Year 2004 - release of 4th album "Music from Russian Pages".
Member ASCAP.


Learned musical notation and theory of music by himself, took private lessons in music.
Attended the musical school for adults named after Rimsky-Korsakov (class of classical guitar). His teacher was Anatoly Vladimirovich Hvan - a guitar player, composer, artist, writer and philosopher.
Won the competition of guitar players in 1990.
Participated in rock group as a guitar player.
At work on an album "MIDWAY" all solo parties on a guitar are executed by the author.


Year 2001 produced the collection of remixes "Love Unlimited" on his own themes from the album "Resettlementer", also produces the original album "Love Unlimited", Year 2003 - "MIDWAY", Year 2010 - "Music from Russian Pages"

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