The Passenger Studio film company was founded by Russian screenwriter and Director Alexander Mindadze and creative producer Lisa Antonova. Her first project was the film BREAKAWAY, presented at the "critics ' Week" of The Venice international film festival in 2007. This was the directorial debut of the famous screenwriter Alexander Mindadze. Mindadze's second directorial work, the picture on SATURDAY (produced in Russia, Germany, and Ukraine), was selected for the main competition of the Berlin international film festival in 2011. The premiere of the feature film DEAR HANS, DEAR PETER (Russia-great Britain-Germany) took place in the main competition of the Moscow international film festival in 2015. The film was highly appreciated by the professional community and won awards: the Russian Academy of cinematographic arts NIKA in the categories "Best feature film" and "Best screenplay"; the Russian film critics WHITE ELEPHANT in five categories (feature film, Director, screenplay, cinematographer and male role); the GOLDEN EAGLE award ("Best screenplay") and other prestigious prizes . Among the latest works of the Studio: a film made famous theater Director Mikhail Egorovym scenario Elena graminei, BROTHERS H also received more than ten awards at Russian and international film festivals; the short film Andrei Annensky SUNSET, the winner of the main prize of the VGIK film festival; short film SAFE – directorial debut of Valery Kharkov.

MINDADZE was born in Moscow in 1949 and is one of the most authoritative screenwriters and Directors of Russian cinema. Since 1975, more than 20 films based on his screenplays have been shot, eleven of which he wrote for the famous Russian Director Vadim Abdrashitov. The film "plumb, or Dangerous game" was awarded a gold medal at the Venice international film festival in 1987, "Play for a passenger" - the "Silver bear"of the Berlin international film festival in 1995 "For the idea and implementation". In 2007, Mindadze's directorial debut "Breakaway" was presented at The Venice international film festival, and received two awards from the National film critics ' award and the film press - for best debut and screenplay. The premiere of Alexander Mindadze's second film "on Saturday" took place at the Berlin international film festival in 2011, and his third film "Dear Hans, dear Peter" took part in the main competition of the MIFF 2015. Alexander Mindadze is the only Russian screenwriter who has received the Ennio Flaiano Silver Pegasus award from The Italian Academy of culture "for his literary contribution to cinema".

ANTONOVA was born in Sevastopol. Graduated from the faculty of Theater studies of RATI. She worked as the Director of the Theater center "Chersonesos" , the international festival "Young theater. Chersonese games", editor-in-chief of the competition of the Russian Academy of cinematographic arts "Nika", program Director of the Sevastopol international film festival, Russian film festivals in Germany and Finland, editor of the film companies" Central partnership","Studio IV". Since 2005, he has been a co-founder (with A. Mindadze) and creative producer, and since 2012 General Director of the film company "Studio "Passenger".

KHARKOV was Born in 1963 in the town of Pushkin in Leningrad region. He graduated from the Leningrad mechanical Institute named after D. F. Ustinov (VOENMEH) and the music school for adults named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov in Leningrad in the class of classical guitar. Winner of the Leningrad guitar competition in 1990. In 1999-2010, as a composer, performer and producer (creative pseudonym Valery Siver), he released four albums with guitar instrumental music. In 2003, radio stations in France, Belgium and the Netherlands awarded the first place to the album “MIDWAY” in the top albums with Ambient music. In 2012, as a General producer, composer, performer and co-author of a poetic text, he realized the idea of a concert "Solo for guitar and orchestra"in Moscow. Producer of several music videos from his own albums. Since 2012, he has been working with " Passenger Studio "as a producer and composer of Alexander Mindadze's film" Dear Hans, dear Peter", and since 2015 – co-owner of "Passenger Studio"LLC. The short film "safe" is a directorial debut in cinema.
For the film "Little Hans, dear Peter" in addition to the music of Schonberg, the music of Valery Viktorovich (Siver)is played
Dear Hans, Dear Peter
Dear Hans, Dear Peter

German engineer Hans, comes as part of a production team on a business trip to the Soviet optical plant in the spring of 1941, when after the conclusion of the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact (23.08.1939), there was a short period of close economic cooperation, exchange of specialists between the USSR and Germany. The story of Hans's life and love is dramatic. This is a story about a premonition of approaching war, about the confusion of a man who does not understand what is happening to him. It was as if the first shell had already exploded inside him. By the will of fate, Hans soon returns to the same places, but in an officer's uniform, in the sidecar of a motorcycle. A recent glassmaker looks through binoculars through lenses created by him, surveying the surrounding area: was there a recent peaceful life? Or does it mean nothing, what did it mean? And all was swept away by a wave of history…
Russia, Germany, great Britain, 124 min.
Written and directed by Alexander Mindadze (Russia)
Director of photography-Oleg Mutu (Romania)
Production designer-Kirill Shuvalov (Russia)
Producers-Alexander Mindadze, Lisa Antonova, Andrey Annensky (Russia), Leonard Blavatnik (Great Britain), Heino Deckert (Germany)Starring - Birgit Minichmayr, mark the Vashka, mark Haseman, Jacob Diehl, Asheni Sarmont (Germany), Rosa khairulina, Andrius was Darala, Anna Skidanova, angelina Rimashevsky (Russia), Svetlana Kosolapova (Ukraine).          NEXT>>>

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