Directed By Valery Kharkov
After the divorce, the former spouses meet at the Bank. According to the court's decision, the wife must receive part of her husband's cash savings, which are stored in a Bank vault. But to divide the money and finally part forever, a man and a woman can not-an automatic mechanism slams the door of the vault, and they remain locked in the basement of the Bank. Neither surveillance cameras nor attempts to contact the outside world by mobile phone are successful…
The script was written by Andrey Annensky
Director of photography - Valery Kharkov
Director of photography-Karen Manaseryan
Production designer-Kirill Shuvalov
Starring - Eugene Salt, Dainius Kazlauskas
Producers-Alexander Mindadze, Valery Kharkov, Lisa Antonova, Andrey Annensky
Participant in the Short Film Corner program at the Cannes film festival, 2016
(the film is being prepared for shooting)

Written and directed by Alexander Mindadze
Russia, gaming, 90 min.
"I was written off long ago. At 55, I live alone and do I live? There is a daughter and grandchildren, but they are somehow on their own. I work, I hide my alcoholism, I'm experienced. A was once a famous Tanger, was in a halo of glory, but then left the floor. For reasons that are purely personal and in circumstances that are entirely his own fault. That's when life ended, although, of course, on the animal level, everything goes on, the days run. I used to go to shows and even get paid for my dancing, but then they stopped calling and forgot. There was no such dancer. And then suddenly they invite you again, like a bolt from the blue. I'm no good anymore. But I'm going for the last time, because it's probably the last time. After all, there is no health, strength, I am completely extinguished. I'm not even sure I'll go back. I will break out goodbye and throw away my hooves, this can very well be... " 
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