Written and directed by Andrey Annensky
Lyudmila is a successful realtor in the capital. In her memory, images from the past pop up, and the viewer learns what price a single mother from the province was given to achieve the cherished Moscow well-being. The story of Lyudmila is typical, it reflects the realities of modern life as in a mirror, which forces us to make hourly choices. Is the deal with the conscience worth the material comfort? Is it possible to achieve success in the metropolis and remain an honest person? Will a "bright future" built on the betrayal of one's own ideals lead to the decline of true values?
Russia, Romania, 37 min.
Script writer, Director: Andrey Annensky
Director of photography: Tudor Panduru (Romania)
Production designer: Kirill Shuvalov
Editing Director: Dasha Danilova
Starring: Anastasia Zharkova, Alexander Marin, Oleg Bilik, Georgy Iobadze, Elena Muraveva
Production: "Studio " Passenger", "Saga", " Auto-energy "(Russia), Studio Indie Productions SRL (Romania) with the support of the BOSCO DI CILIEGI group of companies
Producers: Margaret Lena, Maria Antonova, Andrei Saveliev, Nikolay Romanyuk
2015 Award for best Director of the first stage of the IFF VGIK
2016 Special jury prize of the ARTKINO film festival
Participation in festival
2016 European Short Film Festival of Villeurbanne (France)
2016 short film Competition of the Amur autumn film festival (Blagoveshchensk)
2016 ARTKINO film festival Competition (Moscow)
2016 Kinotavr short film Competition (Russia)
2016 ICF short meter Competition in Vilnius (Lithuania)
2016 Main competition of the short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand (France)
2016 VGIK international film festival (Moscow)
2015 Russian short film festival shorter (Kaliningrad)
2015 international film festival of the Asia-Pacific region "Meridians of the Pacific" (Vladivostok)
2015 Los Angeles CINEFEST international film festival (USA


Смешная жизнь Олега Попова

The funny life of Oleg Popov
Written and directed by Andrey Annensky
A documentary about the amazing fate of a man who was once the most famous clown in the world-people's artist of the USSR Oleg Popov… Today, he is 82 years old, and although by Russian standards, due to his services to the Fatherland, he is destined for an honorable place in the most important Moscow cemetery, when the irreparable happens - he will remain far from his homeland - forever. A great artist has been living for many years with a grudge against a great country, and once he has made a decision, he remains faithful to it, while suffering deeply from the choice he made. The film will focus on the human right to choose one's own fate and the price one has to pay for a decision once made.
Russia, Germany, documentary, 60 min.
Written and directed by Andrey Annensky
The Producers – Andrew, Ann, Margaret Lena, Liza Antonova
Brothers H
Written by Elena Gremina, directed by Mikhail Ugarov
26-year-old Anton selflessly, with difficulty supports a large and dysfunctional family: a ruined father, a sick mother, a sister and older and younger brothers. Anton took responsibility for all of them from his childhood and is now engaged in daily literary work from morning to evening-writing short comic stories – 9 kopecks a line! Counting, right at the time of writing, what family expenses he can pay for. This young man is Anton Chekhov, a future great writer who only realizes his own gift, builds his life, his ethics, his "code of honor". ("To squeeze a slave out of yourself drop by drop," Anton will write a few years later about this). Next to Anton, his older brothers – Nikolai, a talented artist who never wrote his masterpiece, and Alexander, Anton's closest friend and desperate envier, a gifted writer who "wasted" his talent. The screenplay uses letters from Anton and Alexander Chekhov, memoirs of Alexander and Mikhail Chekhov, the diary of Pavel Yegorovich Chekhov, as well as plot motifs from the works of Anton Chekhov "Ivanov", "Uncle Vanya", "the Seagull", "Cherry orchard", "Three years", "My life", "Joke", "Duel", and others.
Russia, color, 106 min.
Script author: Elena Gremina
Director of photography: Mikhail Ugarov
Director of photography: Alisher Khamidkhodjaev
Production designer: Maria Utrobina
Composer: Alexander Manotskov
Film editor: Boris Mnukhin
Starring: Egor Koreshkov, Artem Grigorev, Aleksandr Molochnikov, Alexander Child, Jan Irtenyev
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