Love Unlimited

Collection of remixes of music by Valery Siver from the album "Resettlementer". Among the remixers: PPK, Receiver, DJ Mario, DJ Click, Miguel, Shkirman...

1. Love Unlimited - PPK vs Valery Siver's (melodic trance mix)
Melodic trance mix is the first Valery Siver's remix. It was made by PPK's project to the same composition in November 2000. Valery Siver has chosen authors of the first remix when PPK was one of the 40 best groups of the world, according to МР3.соm hit parade in the electronic music section. At the moment PPK is one of the most popular Russian house trance projects. It is also the only Russian group that headed the list in the world МР hit parade for a long period of time leaving behind Madonna's 'Music'.
2. Archangel - Valery Siver & Receiver's (Happy MK remix)
Anton Kubikov, a Moscow musician, and Maxim Milutenko, a skilled sound producer created this mix. The authors of remixes have chosen a rather amusing name 'Reсeiver'. Both participants of the project are electronic musicians. Although they are used to work with underground material rather than with Renaissance progressive-house, their remix has turned out high quality and really happy. It is necessary to note, that Valery Siver, who is the author of music, has given the edited version of 'Archangel' melody made especially for the remix. The authors of remixes have added their own couplet which have even more strongly emphasized beauty and pathetic of the composition.
3. Resettlementer - Valery Siver & Mario's (industrial mix)
4. Resettlementer - Valery Siver & Mario's (radio edit)
Mario is a well-known DJ among techno-hard rock and experimental music fans. He has been mastering the process of music creation for two years now. Earlier he was dealing exclusively with bringing together of the disks. This is Mario's debut album, but, nevertheless, it is really successful due to its high-quality trance sound in Chicane style mixed with some elements of body music style that is very popular in dancing halls. Radio edit of the mix is presented in the album in Valery Siver's version that has chosen the most dynamical part of the mix.
5. Love Unlimited - Valery Siver & Miguel's (panoramic mix)
Miguel is a rather known Moscow electronic musician and author of remixes. He collaborated with such projects as Motor and Triplex. Miguel's last successes are the remixes of the pop-stars who were known at the beginning of the 90th, as well as group Mal'chishnik's song 'On the nudist beach', transmitted by different capital radio stations. In spite of other authors of remixes, PPK in particular, Miguel has offered brake beat version of the original and has produced it in fashionable electro style. Analogues of similar music can be found in the works of such western actors, as BT and Tipper. Valery Siver has appreciated the mix as one of the biggest successes in the collection.
6. Gift - Valery Siver & Shkirman's (ethnic trance mix)
Shkirman is not very known in the club culture circles. His name is familiar rather to those who are engaged in music for sound tracks intended for films and serials. The author has chosen this remix after hearing the arrangement of the Armenian national melodies made by Shkirman sounding in real vocal performance and accompanied by the ingenious Armenian wind-instrument duduk. As a result of this work, Shkirman created a graceful remix where the basic melody in vocal sounding of the original is complemented by the sound of the ethnic African choir related to the Russian style, the vocal related to the Caucasus style and the sound of the national Armenian wind-instrument duduk.
7. Love Unlimited - Valery Siver & DJ Click's (house mix)
DJ Click is a pseudonym of Vladimir Buzin who is one of the founders and the constant participant of the known Moscow project 'Spring in Karl Johan Street'. However this remix does not remind jazzy lounge aesthetics Spring at all. Only few people know that in years 1997-98 Vladimir worked on house remixes of various Russian and Dutch performers along with Michael Sokolovskiy (DJ Overdub). In spite of the fact that the house mix has turned out high-quality (it is the softest track in the collection) DJ Click does not count such music as 'his own music' as in his opinion it is too easy to produce. However he is sure that most of the Russian techno-musicians do not distinguish themselves by their melodies and harmonies that are the main components of remixes.
8. Archangel - Valery Siver's (hard trance mix)
The author of this composition could not keep himself away from creation of his own remix. He was inspired by skilled authors' high-quality remixes, included in the present collection. The basic emphasis in the mix is made on the way the beautiful melody is produced and on the preservation of images and a character of the original. The house-rhythm added has given a composition more rhythm.
9. Love Unlimited - PPK vs Valery Siver's (radio edit)
Radio edit, prepared by joint edition of PPK and Valery Siver, was promoted by the popular capital radio station 'Station 2000', December 2000 - January 2001.
This mix is the most popular Valery Siver's arrangement made in progressive trance style that was positively accepted, both in the capital clubs, and on Ibitsa island.

This collection was prepared in the 'Soft Trance Music' (STM) producing center of the "Soft Trance" company that is the exclusive legal owner of using Valery Siver's music copyrights of 'Resettlementer' album released in 2000. Valery Siver, the author of music, was invited as a general producer of the collection. Kirill Trepakov who is the founder of 'Spring in Karl Johan Street' Moscow project, was invited for mastering of the disk. He is also the author and the only participant of the unique tool project "Expedition Zero".


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