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    In November 2001 I wished, quite unexpectedly, to subscribe for a couple of music magazines in order to read them and choose something, and then to go to a store and buy the selected musical discs. I have browsed about 50 Russian magazines, having in mind this purpose, which offered articles on music or, say, musicians.

    But! The result of this was opposite - I made up my mind not to subscribe for magazines, but issue a brief analysis in the form of a table as well as to share conclusions with you.

    Here it comes:

No. The name of the magazine Quantity of reviews on discs Presence of style classification
total including Russian
quantity % of all
1  PLAY108  4,63  да 
2  FUZZ 64 19 29,69 нет 
3  Hi-Fi Music 32  9,38 нет 
4  Stereo&Video 20  0,00 нет 
5  ERA DVD 15 12 80,00 нет 
6  Vogue 0,00 нет 
7  Afisha (Daybill)14,29 нет 
8  Bashnia (Tower)57,14 нет 
9  VODKA 0,00 нет 
10 The world of entertainment33,33 нет 
11  Medved (Bear)20,00 нет 
12  GQ20,00 нет 
13  Premiere 0,00 нет 
14  NRG20,00 нет 
15  OOPS50,00 нет 
16  Ptiuch50,00 нет 
17  Dosug (Leisure)50,00 нет 
18  Cosmopolitan33,33 нет 
19  Marie Clare 0,00 нет 

    The quantity of reviews specified in the table makes the quantity of reviews of a single magazine's issue, say, October.

    The magazines are rated in the table. The criteria chosen are - quantity of reviews total, quantity of reviews for Russian discs and presence of style classification. The top one is the best.

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